09.Feb .2021 11:00

Revaz Vashakidze Initiates Reduction of VAT to 10%

Revaz Vashakidze Initiates Reduction of VAT to 10%
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The Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia met with representatives of big business. Revaz Vashakidze, the founder of the company "Chirina" is one of those who came at the meeting.

As the businessman told the media before the meeting, he plans to raise the issue of VAT reduction at the meeting.

"Recently, it has been reported that only tourism and the hotel business have been affected. I want to tell you that producers are affected, because the purchasing power of the population has changed dramatically. To me, the issues must not be resolved individually, including allocation of funds. It would be fair, if the government reduces value added tax from 18% to 10% for three years. It will encourage everyone and will bring the economy out of the shock,” Vashakidze said.