18.Jun .2020 18:35

“Robot Pepper arrived from France – it will assist us to defeat COVID-19” – Tikaradze

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Georgian Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze has a new assistant, Robot Pepper.

When presenting a report on the activities of the year Tikaradze introduced Robot Pepper to the audience as her  'new assistant' that will help the ministry in the fight against the coronavirus.

During the speech, the Minister presented Robot Pepper to the audience. Pepper greeted the participants in Georgian.

“My assistant, Pepper, who arrived from France yesterday, is now learning Georgian and will help us defeat Covid-19 in the future. This is one of the newest words in telemedicine. We will get acquainted with Pepper’s abilities a bit later, at the telemedicine stand”, Tikaradze said.

Tikaradze summed up the results of the ministry’s annual activities today.