21.Mar .2020 15:11

Rompetrol Georgia Shifted to Special Working Mode Due to COVID-19

Rompetrol Georgia Shifted to Special Working Mode Due to COVID-19
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Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 virus worldwide, „Rompetrol Georgia” has moved to special mode of operation. In early March, KMG International Group launched the Crisis Management Plan, which envisages ensuring the safety and security of the company’s employees, their families and customers in parallel to the continuity of the company’s operations.

The company’s crisis plan, based on the virus assessment and impact, was developed following the recommendations and decisions from the World Health Organization, all local governmental entities and the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, that foresees a range of preventive measures for the employees, customers and working facilities.

The majority of the company’s employees have switched to distance working mode. Business trips and meetings have been canceled, and mandatory self-isolation has been imposed on staff returning from other countries. The number of front office staff working in a single shift was minimized and their direct contact with the customers was limited.

"Given the current situation, Rompetrol's priority is to ensure the safety and security of our customers, employees and their families. Therefore, we take all the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The company has embarked on a remote working practice. All the products and services that required from customer visiting our offices before, now is shifted to a range of alternative - remote services, including electronic signatures. Common surfaces in the workspace are treated several times a day with specialized disinfectants. Hand-held disinfectants were distributed in all office spaces, ”- the company representatives said.

Remote working practice, depending on the specifics of the service, does not apply to the gas station operators. In order to ensure the safety of gas station employees and the protection of the customers visiting the station, the company has taken special measures that will be completed in the upcoming days. Supply of all gas stations with hand disinfectants, disposable gloves and protective masks has begun. Each employee of Rompetrol’s gas stations is provided with intensive guidance on adherence to strict hygiene standards, in line with the recommendations of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.

Rompetrol Georgia has undertaken intensive disinfection works since late February. Disinfection was repeatedly carried out both at the company's headquarter and at the oil depots of Tbilisi and Batumi. Disinfection works are planned to be carried out in all gas stations of the company in the following days.

“We strive to keep the safety of our employees and customers at our best effort and we understand the challenge that operating the company on a special mode is requiring from all of us. We thank all our employees who work tirelessly and ensure the smooth operations of the company. Here, we also ask our customers for the sake of their health to keep recommended distance when visiting the stations and use non-cash payments”- said the General Manager of Rompetrol Georgia, Zamanbek Mirzayanov.

Rompetrol has been steadily and successfully developing on Georgian market for almost 15 years. It is one of the largest fuel importers in the country and offers its customers the best quality fuel of Euro 5. Its owner, KMG International Group, with 6000 employees, operates on 11 markets of Europe and Central Asia, being active primarily in trading, refining and petrochemicals, retail and marketing and other services in the oil industry such as well services, drilling, EPCM. The group has been recognized as one of the top players in the regions of the Black and Mediterranean Seas that has gained success not only through development at international level, but also in more than 4 decades of expertise in the oil industry.