17.Nov .2021 15:00

Roots’ Wooden Accessories To Be Sold In Greece And The USA

Roots’ Wooden Accessories To Be Sold In Greece And The USA
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Wooden accessories of the Georgian company Roots are sold in the USA through the international online platform Etsy.

As the founder of the company Shalva Milorava said, the company was founded in March this year and started producing wood products in Zugdidi with an investment of GEL 20,000.

According to the founder of Roots, there is a lot of competition in the local market in this segment, but it strengthens the start-up and pushes it to enter foreign markets in addition to sales in the country.

"Today we produce about 25 items - wooden clocks with Georgian symbols, Easter sets, wine stands, various gift boxes, organizers, car keys, etc. At present, we sell in the local market mainly through Facebook, and we receive orders from anywhere in the country and send them by Georgian Post,” said Shalva Milorava, adding that the company also receives corporate orders.

In addition to the local market, interest in the product of the newly established company already exists beyond the countries. The founder of Roots notes that pitcher watches and various accessories are already sold in Greece. "Along with Greece, we also sell the products in the United States through the online platform Etsy, from next year we want to increase export volumes and focus more on this," - said Milorava.

The company notes, that the price of raw materials in the country has risen by about 50% since its launch, which also affects the cost of the product.

“Demand on the products are increased in the local market for the New Year, so during this period we will be mainly focused on sales within the country, and from next year our efforts will be focused on expanding export markets”, - said Shalva Milorava.

Despite the challenges, the company plans to make a profit in two years.