22.Sep .2022 14:00

85-90% of Exports Accounts For Red Wine - Levan Mekhuzla

85-90% of Exports Accounts For Red Wine - Levan Mekhuzla
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"85-90% of exports account for red wine" - the head of the National Wine Agency told TV program "Business Morning" while evaluating wine export rates.

Levan Mekhuzla noted that despite the Russia-Ukraine war, the export figures are maintained. The high demand for red wine and low demand for white wine on the international markets have an impact on the harvest process in Georgia, which is reflected in the subsidy of white grapes by the government.

"Wine export is stable at this stage, despite the war, we maintain last year's figure, which I think, for objective reasons, is a good result. Although we want to see double-digit growth, at this stage maintaining last year's exports are also a good indicator. 85-90% of the exports accounts for red wine, which is also reflected in the vintage process," explained Levan Mekhuzla.

In 8M2022, the export of Georgian wine increased by 1.2% and in total wine worth USD 146.4 million was exported. It should be noted that in the main export market of wine, exports increased by 8.8% in Russia during this period, while in Ukraine it decreased by 58.6%.