18.Jun .2021 00:00

Russia to Fine Moscow Businesses that Fail to Ensure Employee Vaccination

Russia to Fine Moscow Businesses that Fail to Ensure Employee Vaccination
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Moscow decided to introduce mandatory vaccinations for service sector workers, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced as the capital faces a surge in coronavirus cases. Later that day, officials revealed the number of fines for Russian businesses that fail to ensure the vaccination of certain employees in Moscow.
Fines for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities for non-compliance with the requirement to vaccinate employees, for individual entrepreneurs will be up to 50 thousand rubles ($695), for organizations - up to 300 thousand ($4, 160). Repeated violations may lead to sanctions in the amount of up to 1 million rubles ($13, 870) or suspension of work for almost three months, the TASS news agency cited Evgeny Danchikov, the head of the main control department of the city of Moscow. 
The requirement to vaccinate 60% of staff will apply to businesses whose workers regularly come into contact with members of the public, including retail, public catering, public transport, education, healthcare, beauty salons, fitness centers, banks, and cultural institutions.

At least 60% of these business' workforces should be vaccinated with the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine by July 15, with their second dose no later than Aug. 15, according to the new rules.
Russian official's decision to compel employees to get shots is one of the most forceful steps taken anywhere in the world.