15.Apr .2022 15:30

Russian citizens actively applying for Estonian citizenship

Russian citizens actively applying for Estonian citizenship
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Since February 24, a total of 113 Russian citizens have applied for Estonian citizenship. This is a threefold increase compared to the same time period in 2021.

So far year, 285 applications have been submitted and 151 by Russians. This is a total increase of a fifth. Among those who applied were 104 people with undetermined citizenship, 12 Ukrainians and four Belarusians.

Last year, 1,029 people acquired or restored Estonian citizenship including 639 people with undetermined citizenship and 296 former citizens of the Russian Federation.

"More than half of the new citizens of the Republic of Estonia did not previously have citizenship of any country, and the Police and Border Guard Board is pleased to see that so many permanent residents of Estonia are opting for citizenship of the Republic of Estonia. Estonian citizenship provides people many more opportunities and rights, as well as opens new doors," said Marina Kadak, chief expert of the Identity and Status Bureau of the PPA, ERR News reports.