12.Jul .2022 12:30

Russian president Putin due in Iran next week

Russian president Putin due in Iran next week
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Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Economic Commission announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin would pay a visit to Tehran next week.

Referring to his recent trip to Russia, Mohammadreza Pour-Ebrahimi stated that the President of Russia will visit Iran next week.

Noting that Russia's seriousness for holding economic cooperation with Iran has increased, he said, "Planning for the development of economic cooperation between Iran and Russia will be the priority of the consultations between the presidents of the two countries."

Stating that after the recent visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi to Russia, a positive atmosphere regarding economic cooperation with Iran was created in Russia, Pour-Ebrahimi added, "Very favorable agreements were signed during that trip, President Raeisi marked a new chapter of economic relations between Iran and Russia and assured the Russians that the government of the Islamic Republic is serious about economic cooperation with Russia."

The embargo on Russia by the US and Europe made Russia more and more in need of economic cooperation with Iran, he added, Iranian media Mehr reports.