19.May .2022 13:30

Russia’s annual inflation grows to 17.8% in April

Russia’s annual inflation grows to 17.8% in April
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Annual inflation in Russia in April increased by 1.14 percentage points to 17.8%, the monthly price growth adjusted for seasonality, amounted to 1.5%, the Bank of Russia reported.

"Weekly price growth slowed down during the month as the ruble strengthened and the effects of rush demand were exhausted, and in general, consumer prices rose by 1.5% in April (seasonally adjusted)," the regulator noted.

The greatest contribution to inflation was made by the dynamics of prices for food items, which rose in price by 20.5% over the year (+2.5 percentage points compared to March), the Bank of Russia said. "The current growth rate of food prices is the highest since the beginning of 2015 and is significantly higher than the previous year," the regulator said, TASS reports.