24.Dec .2020 10:30

"Metro Georgia": we have a loss of up to one million GEL in total

"Metro Georgia": we have a loss of up to one million GEL in total
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"We have a total loss of about 1 million GEL in the financial part," - Mikheil Doborjginidze, managing partner of "Metro Georgia" told TV-program "Business Morning".

As Doborjginidze explained, state’s privileges were not provided for their sector and that was a problem.

"We expected long-distance transfers will be opened, but now we are waiting for a better period when the COVID pandemic will be settled. Land transportation is probably one of the most affected sectors. In fact, we worked for 2 months throughout the year and thus could not earn any income. As of today, we have 80% of employees on unpaid leave and expect a better period.

We have the opportunity to adapt to the restrictions, but the problem is that one or two companies will be able to keep the regulations.

The sector is not organized, so transportation companies are not included in the state benefit program. We have also applied to the relevant bodies regarding property and income tax benefits and we are waiting for a response", Mikheil Doborjginidze said.