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How Much Gold Did Georgia Sell In 2022?

How Much Gold Did Georgia Sell In 2022?
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In 2022, Georgia received an income of USD 81 million 476 thousand from the exports of unprocessed or semi-processed gold, and more than 2 tons of goods were sold abroad.

According to Geostat, last year gold was no longer in the list of the major exporting commodities, while in the past 5 years the mentioned product was included in the TOP-10 exporting commodities. Despite the fact that gold was not in the list of the largest exporting commodities. In 2022, gold exports increased by 26.8% and ranked as the 13th in the list.

Last year, unprocessed or semi-processed gold from Georgia was sold to 4 countries, and the main market was Switzerland. 93.8% of gold sales accounts for Switzerland.

TOP Exporting Countries of Gold From Georgia:

1. Switzerland - USD 76.5 million, 2.5 tons;
2. Germany - USD 2.6 million, 0.07 tons;
3. Turkey - USD 1.2 million, 0.03 tons;
4. United Arab Emirates - USD 1.1 million, 0.03 tons.

BM.GE requested the TOP-5 gold exporting companies from Geostat. According to the data, LLC RMG Gold, LLC Avaza, MFO Rico Express, LLC Sastsori and GT Group sold gold during the last year.