24.Feb .2021 00:00

Saudi Eyes Place at Top Digital Economies, Taiwanese, U.S., Japanese, Polish, German Economies Recovering, while Georgians Still Combat Each Other

Saudi Eyes Place at Top Digital Economies, Taiwanese, U.S., Japanese, Polish, German Economies Recovering, while Georgians Still Combat Each Other

Georgia is back in the spotlight. However, not because of receiving its first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, or reopening of economy, or providing good economic performance, but just because its police stormed opposition HQ to arrest leader Nika Melia, due to which as the U.S. Embassy to Georgia estimated, the country “has moved backward on its path toward becoming a stronger democracy in the Euro-Atlantic family of nations.”
And while Georgian political parties continue to fight between each other, despite deep economic and health crisis, here is why the rest of the world gets into focus of international media. 
“Asia’s top-performing economy in 2020 could grow even faster this year”, - reads today’s story title of CNBC, in which an author of the article, Yen Nee Lee tells that the Taiwanese economy is forecast to grow by 4.64% in 2021 from a year ago — which would be the quickest expansion since 2014.
“More than half of UK firms plan to hire new staff,” the source of this article is BBC, according to which more than half of UK employers intend to recruit staff in the next three months. And another news from the UK, published by Axios reads, “Boris Johnson unveils roadmap to fully reopen England's economy by June 21”. 
“Fed's Kaplan sees U.S. economy growing at least 5% this year,” reports Reuters. Additional news from the U.S. published by nytimes: “the economy is improving faster than expected”. 
As for Japan, it became in focus of ING’s Robert Carnell, because “Japan’s economic bounceback continues” and no one had been expecting a figure of GDP’s growth this strong, meaning 12.7% in 4Q20.  More from Japan is that Japanese women, in particular, have been struggling with depression since the coronavirus pandemic began about a year ago — with nearly 880 female suicide victims in the country alone in October, a 70 percent increase over the year before. In response to that, “Japan just appointed a Minister of Loneliness — to try to combat its exploding suicide rate amid COVID-19,” reads nypost. 
“Germany 'looking towards recovery' as industry drives up business morale,” reads an article of Reuters. 
“Saudi Arabia eyes place in world’s top 30 digital economies,” according to Arab News reports “the Ministry of Communications aims to place the Kingdom among the top 30 countries in the digital economy by 2023 and make it a hub for connecting continents digitally.”
“Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki wrote that the economy should resume growth owing to a "responsible" fiscal policy, pointing out that this opinion was also shared by the European Commission,” reads the article of thefirstnews.com, titled: “Poland's economy will return to rapid growth this year.”
As for Estonia, one of the main challenges of the country is to preserve the tourism business ecosystem. According to the country’s Minister of Entrepreneurship and IT Andres Sutt, “the Estonian tourism sector must possess a network, competence and necessary people to be able to move forward after the crisis, when the world opens up again, and therefore it's essential that the ecosystem that has been created is preserved,” reads an article of baltictimes.com.