29.Dec .2022 17:00

Schuchmann Wines Château Expands With The Support Of Bank Of Georgia

Schuchmann Wines Château Expands With The Support Of Bank Of Georgia
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Schuchmann Wines Château has expanded with the support of Bank of Georgia in the village of Kisishkhevi, Telavi municipality. The total cost of the project is GEL 30 million. The bank's investment is GEL 4 million.

The company includes winery, hotel and Schuchmann wine village, where 18 villas are located. The villas are distinguished by the fact that they were created based on unique Georgian historical materials of the 19th century, such as Georgian tiles, stone, etc.

"We are glad that we have been cooperating with the Bank of Georgia for 10 years and with their financial support we were able to plant a vineyard on 120 ha, and a wine village on 7 ha. Schuchmann has been operating on the market since 2008, and our initiated projects combine the 8000-year-old Georgian wine-making tradition, wine-growing and national gastronomy, as well as Kakhon architecture and hospitality combined with Western standards. It is important for us to always create a comfortable and pleasant environment for the customer. Based on the great tourism potential of Georgia, we wanted to establish a strong brand that would be one of the best both in Georgia and abroad. In the future, we plan to cover even more regions of Georgia and implement new tourism projects," said the founder and general director of the company, Nutsa Abramishvili.