23.Oct .2020 14:45

Settling Commercial Disputes Is Still a Challenge – Former Business Ombudsman


Former Business Ombudsman of Georgia and the #11 on the Georgian Dream’s parliamentary list Mikheil Daushvili pledges that during the next 4 years his main goal will be to work for a better business environment and improve the investment climate in Georgia since strong business community, to him, is the crucial pre-requisite for the strong economy and employment.
Daushvili aired his pledge in Telavi on the 2020 Election program thematic presentation.
“Business will be strong if the private property is protected if the business environment is appealing and if state and business have an effective partnership. Our main goal is to turn Georgia into the country of opportunities for those who either want to the involved in entrepreneurship or already are acting entrepreneurs” – Former Business Ombudsman stated.
In his presentation, Daushvili touched upon the challenges facing the Justice system in Georgia and pledged to turn the state into an effective service-provider.
“When we speak about the effective partnership between business and the state, we consider the state to be the effective service-provider – Mikheil Daushvili stated – Of course, in last years, a number of very important reforms have targeted this system; however, we understand that today pace and the quality of dealing with commercial disputes is still a challenge. So, for the next 4 years, it will be our priority to ensure that business gets fast and quality court service, whenever there’s a need. We will also ensure that alternative mechanisms for settling business disputes are in place”.
For reference, BAG Index report insights can be viewed here. The BAG index is produced by the Georgian Business Association and the PMCG Research Center based on the methodology of the IFO Institute for Economic Research. The survey report is published quarterly and informs the public about the mood and expectations in the business community.