13.Feb .2020 18:19

Several million of lari to be sent on the development of Telavi Airport Mimino


Aviation University plans to expand and upgrade the cover of Telavi Airport "Mimino".

As Kakheti Governor Irakli Kadagishvili told bm.ge, it is planned to invest at least GEL 5 million, where all aviation safety standards will be envisaged.

“Aviation University is launching to make investments in Mimino, Telavi Airport. As you know, only training flights are being carried out there by now, but the airport will be ready for other flights as well.

The airport cover will be expanded and changed completely, which will enable us to carry out private business flights with 20-30-seat airplanes, it should facilitate domestic tourism in the future.

Work will be done on the airfield during the spring-summer season, so this will allow private companies to fulfill domestic flights. The airport will already have this certificate and permit. It is an investment that opens the prospect of domestic flights”, Kadagishvili said.

According to him, the local municipality is involved in this project, as the communication systems must be arranged, so that the operation of the airport will not be in any danger. According to the governor, in this case the municipality will make investments.