04.May .2022 12:00

Share Of E-Commerce Up By 10-20% In Georgia – Association

Share Of E-Commerce Up By 10-20% In Georgia – Association
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Tamar Gogolashvili, President of the E-Commerce Association “Voice of E-Commerce” declares, that online sales in Georgia have increased significantly in the last two years, which is due to the entry of many new online stores and the changing behavior of customers.

"E-commerce in Georgia is growing by 10-20% every year. Now the total share of e-commerce in Georgia amounts to over 2%. We expect this figure to increase to 10% in the coming years. This can take years, but the fact is that e-commerce will continue to grow and become an important part of the Georgian economy. If we go at such a fast pace, we may reach 10% in five years," – she explains.

According to Tamar Gogolashvili, the businesses do not lag behind the process of rapid progress as well.

"Significant changes are ahead. Demand growth is not enough for the increase of e-commerce, as businesses must be able to reorganize in order to function properly," said the president of E-Commerce Association “Voice of E-Commerce”.

To the question, if removing the COVID-related restrictions reduces online commerce, the president of the association notes that the pandemic has not had much effect on e-commerce as consumer behavior is already changed.