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Share of the Real Estate is Down in the FDI

Share of the Real Estate is Down in the FDI
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The real estate share has made up 6.8% in the Foreign Direct Investment in Q3, while the rate has been 7.2% in the same period of the previous year.

According to Geostat, investment volume is 16 million USD or 44% less in Q3. However, the FDI made up 20.6 million USD in the same period.

TOP-20 Companies Investing in the Real Estate in Georgia in Q3:

• Representation of the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (branch) in Georgia;
• Apollo GS Ltd;
• GMT Real Estate Ltd;
• UAI Georgia Ltd;
• CHEMONICS INTERNATIONAL INC (Chemonics International Inc.) Branch Chemonics Georgia;
• Pixel Invest Group Ltd;
• Rakeen Uptown Development Ltd;
• Alma Ltd;
• Citizens Network Branch for Foreign Affairs - CNFA Georgia;
• Titan City Ltd;
• Representation of Megawatt Service Ltd in Georgia;
• TBC International Ltd;
• CMX Solutions Ltd;
• Otium Ltd;
• Pekin Avenue N11 Ltd;
• Alabvaz Real Estate Company Ltd;
• Solid Square Ltd;
• Siem Tech Ltd;
• Sylphi Ltd.