21.Jun .2022 11:00

Ivanishvili Is An Oligarch, This Is A Fact I Am Not – Businessman

Ivanishvili Is An Oligarch, This Is A Fact I Am Not – Businessman
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Businessman Temur Chkonia talked about the decision of the European Commission to give Georgia only the prospect of candidacy. According to Temur Chkonia, the government should present a specific plan and determine the terms for the reforms.

BMG also asked the businessman who did the European Commission mean to the oligarch? 

"Of course, Bidzina Ivanishvili, it is a fact that I am not, I do not have enough power”, - said the businessman, adding that the most important thing is to convince Europe of de-oligarchization, because Georgia has received instructions from the EU.

However, according to the businessman, the most difficult point among the recommendations is related to judicial reform.

“The EU must believe that judicial reform is being carried out. For this, we must have a serious consultant who will say that judicial reform is underway in Georgia and the work is going in the right direction. In short, our request to the should be the timely execution of the plan and this should be agreed with the EU. The results should be sent to them.

Obviously, political will is necessary, but fulfilling these conditions requires smart people, professionals, so as not to make a mistake. That is why deadlines, personalities and programs are necessary. There is another serious problem that there should be consolidation and there should be no polarization," Temur Chkonia said.