22.Jun .2020 18:11

Should we receive international tourists from July 1 - government has not decided yet

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Georgia is following international trends in travel and will soon decide what to do in terms of international tourism, taking into account the need to maintain a low infection rate in the country.

Opening up international tourism was one of the main issues the government discussed at the Inter-agency Coordination Council meeting earlier today.

The standards set for tourists and their transportation will be the same as the requirements of Georgian citizens for long-distance transportation, says the Georgian government.

At the Inter-agency Coordination Council meeting, members of the Georgian government noted the importance of a cautious and gradual approach to opening up tourism and said that the safety of citizens is the top priority for the Georgian government.

Georgia was negotiating with partner countries like Israel and various European countries to restart flights but this has been since postponed due to deteriorating epidemiological situations there.

Georgia has already opened domestic tourism since June 15, while the decision to resume international tourism and countries for which Georgia will open its borders will be made soon, taking into account the epidemiological situation.