09.Feb .2023 13:00

Confectionery Sugar-Free Opened Another Branch

Confectionery Sugar-Free Opened Another Branch
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Confectionery Sugar-Free, launched last year, opened a new branch due to the high demand. As its founder, Rusa Kvantaliani told BM.GE, the range of products has expanded, which currently includes 55 types of confectionery.

"There are many people in Georgia who refuse sugar not only because of health problems but only because they say it is a bad product," said Rusa Kvantaliani.

According to her, the biggest challenge for confectionery is the increase in the price of raw materials.

"We really wanted to enter the low-income segment, but the ingredients didn't allow us to do that. We use five different types of sugar substitutes, one of which costs GEL 95, and we also use Belgian chocolate, which is also expensive. We cannot compromise on product substitution, because we are focused on quality, and at the same time customers don't like it when we raise prices. This is a big challenge, that's why we try as much as possible to produce a relatively low-cost product," - explains the founder of "Ushako".

Speaking about future plans, Kvantaliani says that they may soon appear in Batumi, although they have not yet decided whether it will be their own store or join a retail shop chains.

The confectionery employs a total of 17 people, of which 5 staff were employed in the new branch.