21.Dec .2022 22:00

Slovakia exempt from EU sanctions on Russian oil

Slovakia exempt from EU sanctions on Russian oil
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Slovakia is exempt from European Union sanctions on Russian oil and will continue exporting oil products, including diesel, to energy-starved Ukraine, Economy Minister Karel Hirman said.

The country’s main refiner Slovnaft, part of Hungarian energy firm MOL, faced having to stop exporting products refined from Russian oil to most markets when the sanctions take effect on February 5.

But the exemption will permit Slovnaft to export oil products to Ukraine, which is facing severe electricity and heating shortages caused by Russian missile and drone attacks on critical infrastructure.

“We managed to negotiate an exemption for Slovakia, for Slovnaft from the sanctions regime, which takes effect after February 5,” Hirman told a televised press conference.

“Thanks to this exemption, Slovnaft will be able to export all oil products not only to the Czech Republic but also to Ukraine…which will help to stabilise the production and operating results of our Slovnaft refinery next year,” he said, Al Jazeera reports.