14.Oct .2020 15:30

Soplidan.ge Will Create Its Own Organic Farm

Soplidan.ge Will Create Its Own Organic Farm
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soplidan.ge plans to create its own organic farm - Natia Ninikelashvili, the founder of the company, said in "Business Morning" and explained that this project would begin in Spring.

"My dream remains to create my own small organic farm. I will implement it. Customers will know that the product we bring will be unfertilized and of good quality," Ninikelashvili said.

As for soplidan.ge competing with other local farmers with this new project, who use the platform to sell their products, Ninikelashvili believes there is no risk.

"With the help of local farmers, we offer customers up to 300 types of products on the soplidan.ge platform, and it is inconceivable to bring all kinds of products to organic farming and compete with other companies. Our organic farm will be a step towards education. We will help farmers and show them how to set up an organic farm," said the founder of soplidan.ge.

For reference: it will be possible to send churchkhela, tkemali, ajika, spices, and other products abroad through soplidan.ge through "Georgian Post."