12.Nov .2019 17:40

Soso Pkhakadze Once Again Talks About the Risks of the Planned Amendments to the Labor Code

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According to Soso Pkhakadze, President of the Business Association of Georgia, “part of the planned amendments which should be made to the Labor Code is dangerous at this stage, because it violates the balance and excessively interferes with the business activities”.

Soso Pkhakadze regards that such interference might significantly damage the current business environment in Georgia.

"These amendments might cause unemployment rise, wage diminish and suspension of specific industries, thus it may result significant economic damage to the country, which would naturally hinder the country's development," Soso Pkhakadze said.

To note, member companies of the Georgia Business Association (BAG) met again to discuss upcoming changes to the Labor Code today at Holiday Inn.

Number of problematic issues related to these changes will be discussed at the meeting, including employment contracts; subordination of internship to the standards set by the Labor Code; limiting overtime; introduction of minimum wage; changes in overtime pay and etc.

"Member companies of the Business Association, which generate the country's gross domestic product and employee more than two hundred thousand people, once again will discuss possible amendments based on the examples", - BAG’s press-release reads.