01.Nov .2019 11:10

Status of Agricultural Cooperatives has been Suspended to 1,155 Cooperatives from 2014

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The first decree on granting status to the agricultural cooperatives was issued on March 7, 2014 and since then as of October 21 of this year, 1028 cooperatives had been registered throughout Georgia.

As Agricultural Cooperative Development Agency has declared to BM.GE, they make monitoring of agricultural cooperatives, which envisages determining compliance of cooperatives’ activities with the requirements of the Law of Georgia “on Agricultural Cooperatives”.

In accordance with the deficiencies revealed as a result of planned and unplanned monitoring, recommendations and deadline for improving the gaps are given to the cooperatives. The status of agricultural cooperatives has been terminated to 1155 cooperatives from October 21, 2014 due to the hopeless deficiencies.

"It should be noted that in the case of termination status of an agricultural cooperative, the cooperative will continue to operate, but it will no longer have an access to the agricultural cooperative assistance programs and tax benefits, which are still available for those cooperatives, having a status.

An agricultural cooperative, which status has been terminated but meets the requirements of the Law of Georgia on Agricultural Cooperative has the right to apply again to the Agency for Development of Agricultural Cooperatives to obtain cooperative status”, the agency explains.