09.Feb .2021 11:30

Steps taken in the economy is adequate – VTB Bank

Steps taken in the economy is adequate – VTB Bank
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Archil Kontselidze, President of VTB Bank, praised the government for crisis management and said that the government's actions were adequate.

As the president of the bank notes, it is difficult to make some evaluations as the world does not remember such a crisis.

“Good, as well as bad is comparative and subjective. That is why it is very difficult for me to evaluate the government's strategy in terms of crisis management, because the world has never seen such a crisis. I think that the steps taken in the economy are adequate," Kontselidze said.

According to the CEO of VTB Bank, the main topic of the meeting with the Prime Minister was to get out of the pandemic.

After meeting with the Prime Minister at the government administration, Archil Kontselidze told reporters that the business also had questions.

"The main talk was about getting out of the pandemic. The business asked over 15 questions. We were interested in the principles of lifting restrictions and when the full opening of the economy will resume. We were told that it depends on the number of new cases and we must wait for the gradual lifting of the restrictions”, said the President of VTB Bank.