27.Jan .2021 14:00

“Sweet Country” and “Sandomi” to Increases Prices from February

“Sweet Country” and “Sandomi” to Increases Prices from February
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Leading confectionery companies “Sweet Country” and “Sandomi” told BM.GE, that product price will increase from February due to the economic crisis, including price growth on raw materials and gas tariffs for commercial operators early 2021.

"Sweet Country”, which produces up to 120 various types of confectionery, note that the price increase will range from 20 to 80 tetri.

According to the company's commercial director Kakhaber Kruashvili, consumers will buy Sweet Country’s products in supermarket chains at an increased price from the beginning of February.

"We developed and provided new prices to the supermarket chains early January. We have an agreement with the partners to inform about the price increase one month in advance. It is expected that the supermarkets chains will receive products at increased price from February 1, " - Kruashvili noted.

"Sweet Country" explains that they will have to review the product range and remove some expensive products from the sale, as consumers will not afford to buy them.

"Sandomi" is also planning to increase prices by about 10% in the first half of February.

Saba Mamaladze, the head of the company's sales department, said that prices are adjusted due to the increase of gas tariffs and raw materials prices.

“For example, if consumers bought a specific product of "Sandomi" for 8 GEL, they will have to pay 8,8 GEL from February. We are still working and name specific numbers soon. We expect consumer decrease at the first stage, because they will have to get used to the novelty. However, we will try to keep low prices for certain products through promotions or certain activities," - said Saba Mamaladze.