17.Dec .2019 16:41

TBC Bank Group Shares up by 6.3% WoW on the LSE

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TBC Research published weekly bulleting. According to the document, TBC Bank Group PLC (TBCG LN) shares closed at GBP 13.40, up by 6.3% WoW. During the week, 201.4 thousand shares traded on the London Stock Exchange.

During the week 392.4 thousand of Bank of Georgia Group PLC (BGEO LN) shares traded, closing at GBP 15.73 (up by 3.1% WoW) on Friday’s trading session.

Georgia Healthcare Group PLC (GHG LN) shares went up by 3.4% WoW closing at GBP 1.68 on Friday. During the week 770.7 thousand GHG shares changed hands on the LSE.

On the London Stock Exchange 304.4 thousand Georgia Capital PLC (CGEO LN) shares were traded at GBP 9.08 per share (up by 0.2% WoW).