16.Apr .2021 13:30

TBC Bank on Eurobonds

TBC Bank on Eurobonds
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TBC Bank CEO Vakhtang Butskhrikidze notes, that foreign investors are interested in making investments in Georgia. Vakhtang Butskrikidze so responded to the transaction made by the government of Georgia, which issued the Eurobonds worth 500 million USD.

According to TBC Bank CEO, Eurobonds are placed with the best terms, which is good not only for Georgia but also for the whole region.

"It was an achievement of unprecedented good conditions not only for Georgia, but also for the region. After these 10 years, Georgia has returned and achieved the best conditions. TBC Bank has participated in this process with various international banks and we are happy that such good conditions have been achieved.

Demand was 4 times higher than supply, which indicates that foreign investors are interested in investing in Georgia. If there is interest in the state today, capital markets will develop tomorrow on the background of the various reforms. We think that this is a good example for many Georgian companies to place bonds on the local market as well as on the international market,” Vakhtang Butskhrikidze said.