19.Feb .2020 17:45

Tbilisi mayor says individuals and companies should pay waste fees differently


Tbilisi mayor Kakha Kaladze says that individuals and companies (legal entities) pay almost similar fees for waste management ‘which is unfair,’ stating that the issue will be revisited.

Kaladze instructed his deputies to study the situation in developed, foreign states in this regard to come up with a more fair and environmental friendly approach.

Kaladze said that ‘significant steps are being taken’ towards waste management in Tbilisi and the decision regarding legal entities and their waste fees should be in line with the new waste management system.

The Lilo landfill polygon is being renovated. The first thing to do is to arrange a gas collector. A tender has been opened and we will have a winning company in the near future. The next stage is the placement of a refinery. Waste can generate electricity, which is very important for our city. At the same time, we have begun separating waste and placing underground bins, which is a novelty for Tbilisi,” Kaladze said.

Individuals pay 2.5 GEL in Tbilisi monthly for waste management services, while there is a different approach with legal entities.

Some legal entities pay waste fee per the space they use, while some others, like theatres, pay per chair in the hall.