20.Oct .2020 16:15

Technical University will move to a “hybrid mode of learning” from October 28


Tamar Lominadze, Advisor to the Rector at Georgian Technical University told, that the University will move to a “hybrid mode of learning” from October 28.

“we started learning process with a mixed model. It means, that we have left remote learning on some sectors, but we are an engineering university and laboratories are necessary as well. I want to note, that we follow all recommendations. We know that there are vulnerable groups in the country (pregnant women, people with disabilities) and we can offer individual training schedules for such groups. If they are not able to take all components, they will have the opportunity to recover all. We try our best to protect the students and teachers. At the same time, we do everything to give the students the appropriate education,” Lominadze said.

According to her, students with special needs will not face any sanctions for online learning.

Lominadze notes, that a large number of students was represented at the university yesterday and the administration controlled implementation of regulations.