30.Oct .2020 13:45

Tegeta Motors continues to develop and opens “Toyota Center” in Batumi

Tegeta Motors continues to develop and opens “Toyota Center” in Batumi
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Our goal is to be in the financial position and issue bonds for the next 2-3 years, - Vakhtang Kacharava, Financial Director of Tegeta Motors told “Business Morning”.

As he explains, the situation on the markets is not similar to 2019 due to the pandemic. However, the company is trying to strengthen its positions as much as possible.

"We are growing since the day we are founded and the company does not have a single year without growth. By the end of the year we will do our best to improve the results and not fall behind. The fact that our portfolio is diversified will help us in all this. One is that we are locally represented in Georgia and the other is that we have trade partners in neighboring countries. All this ensures that business risks are minimized.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that we were the first automobile company from Eastern Europe to issue bonds. This is not the end of our corporate finance development," said Tegeta Motors Chief Financial Officer.

Tegeta Motors Marketing Director Tornike Guruli explains that despite the crisis, another branch of Tegeta Motors will be opened in the near future.

“Despite the pandemic, Tegeta Motors is still developing. In 2-3 weeks we will open another new “Toyota center” in Batumi. Tegeta always chooses brands and partners from the Top-3. This also assisted the company to develop over 25 years. Business is not just about profit. This is a very big social responsibility, "Tornike Guruli said.

Tegeta Holding unites 18 companies. The company has 26 branches throughout Georgia and serves 250,000 retail, 3,700 wholesale and 35,500 corporate customers. Tegeta Motors has a total of more than 2,000 employees.