18.Jun .2020 16:01

Telegraph names Georgia among the safest tourist destinations in Europe

Telegraph names Georgia among the safest tourist destinations in Europe
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Where to travel in the post-pandemic period – the popular British edition Telegraph names the 10 safest tourist destinations in Europe. The article begins with a description of the cities of Georgia: Tbilisi and Batumi. The best directions by Telegraph also include Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Austria.

“According to a new report from pan-Europe tourist board, Best Europe Destinations, they might want to look at which spots on the continent are deemed “safest”, such as Georgia, Croatia or Madeira. The entries are chosen based on local number of Covid-19 cases and where specific hygiene protocols have been implemented”, – the article notes.

According to the Telegraph, with up to 260 times fewer cases of the virus than in the worst-affected European countries Georgia was swift to react to the pandemic.

“The country resumed domestic tourism on June 15 and is due to open its borders on July 1, although it is not yet clear which travellers will be welcomed back.

It is also putting a number of safety measures in place to protect citizens and tourists from the spread of the virus.

When Britons are permitted to visit, the capital of Tbilisi has much to offer. Indeed, September or October could be the ideal time for a trip to the capital with “T-shirt weather,” persisting into autumn. The old town is “made for meandering with its maze of squares and narrow lanes lined with pretty wooden houses, bohemian bars, inviting cafes [and] ancient stone churches,” according to Telegraph Travel writer Kaye Holland.

The second-largest city of Batumi, meanwhile, offers up beaches, skyscrapers and the subtropical microclimate of the Black Sea coast. It’s specifically mentioned in the study due to its 30 university hospitals none of which have experienced overcrowding due to coronavirus, according to the report.

Georgia had recorded 879 cases of the virus and 14 deaths at the latest count. Its population is over 3.9 million” – reads the article by Telegraph journalist Emma Featherstone.