17.Jan .2023 14:00

Temur Chkonia Plans To Build Enterprise For Mineral Water Mtis

Temur Chkonia Plans To Build Enterprise For Mineral Water Mtis
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Temur Chkhonia is planning to build a new enterprise for Mineral Water Mtis. As the businessman told BMG, the water plant will be built in Natakhtari, near the plant of Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia.

According to the businessman, the company already bought the necessary land area.

"The sales of mineral water Mtis increased more than we expected, so we decided to build a new factory. The demand for our products is growing not only in the local market, but also from the countries where we export the products - I mean Azerbaijan. Also, last year we exported a small amount of Water Mtis to Kazakhstan and we will sell even more this year. By the way, we will start exporting tea and juices to Kazakhstan from March," the businessman said.

As for the investment, Chkonia does not specify the amount of money needed for the construction of a new water plant but says that in 2023 "Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia" plans to invest GEL 70 million.

"In 2023, the main investment will be made in strengthening the production line and developing technologies. This year, we will add another production line for bottling carbonated drinks, which will be able to bottle 35,000 bottles per hour; Currently, this figure stands at 20-22 thousand," the businessman noted.