16.Feb .2023 10:00

The Budget And Finance Committee Approved The Draft Law On Healthcare

The Budget And Finance Committee Approved The Draft Law On Healthcare
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The Committee discussed with the I reading and approved the Draft Law on Healthcare and the Draft Law on Medical Activity, envisaging the establishment of the institution of the paramedics.

“The Draft specifies the term “Paramedics” as a person with respective higher medical education who shall additionally pass the special courses in the Emergency Center. Providing the emergency ambulance needs and the world practice, which is evident by the successful operation of the paramedics in many countries since the end of the 60s and the pre-doctor aid is possible in truly a rapid and effective manner by a person with respective education and skills – a paramedic – we considered it expedient to establish this institution in Georgia as well”, - the Deputy Health Minister, Tamar Gabunia noted.

The measures provided under the Draft shall be implemented within the human and financial resources available at the LEPL Emergency Situation Coordination and Urgent Assistance Center.

The authors of the Draft hope that the paramedics will ensure the provision of emergency medical service within the optimal term, reduce the response time in case of other calls since the paramedic team ensures the initial emergency aid within the shortest period and transportation of a patient, which envisages that right upon the accomplishment of the service, the team will get to ready state for another call. The Committee approved the Drafts.