01.Dec .2020 15:00

The CEC Spokesperson Resigned – Ana Mikeladze Explains

The CEC Spokesperson Resigned – Ana Mikeladze Explains

Former spokesperson of the Central Election Commission, Ana Mikeladze, confirms that she officially left the CEC.
After the October 30, 2020, parliamentary elections, Ana Mikeladze held briefings but did not appear in the media after November 2. Instead, briefings at the CEC were conducted by other agency employees, and later a new spokesperson appeared before the press.
Mikeladze writes in a statement posted on her Facebook page that she is no longer an official CEC employee. She thanked colleagues and the media for their cooperation and explained that the decision was difficult to make.
"We have to make difficult but important decisions in life and, of course, each of our steps must be in line with our own values. Those of you who know me well know that when working in local and international organizations, as well as in the public sector, I have always been guided only by the principles of professionalism, fairness, and good faith and I have always tried to contribute to the development of our country," said Ana Mikeladze.