23.Jun .2022 17:55

The Decision Is Unfair - PM On EU Membership Candidate Status

The Decision Is Unfair - PM On EU Membership Candidate Status
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"The decision was unfair, they should not have done that, Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili stated during his speech at the opening ceremony of the wounded fighters' week in Tserovani.

"These days we understand very well that these are quite emotional days and I want to share my vision with you once again. I also spoke publicly about it and publicly expressed my frustration. One of the clearest arguments of our country, Georgia - as to why we deserved more, why they should not have done that and why it was unfair, are the facts that I have listed - the blood we shed, our struggle, our war. We fought against the Russian army three times. Since the country regained its independence, in 2008, you, our army, have shown exemplary heroism. We do not compare ourselves to anyone's army, but the Georgians survived with two main forces, that is, our faith, the church and our army, our people, our warrior spirit.

Today, unfortunately, it was put into question. Of course, I do not envy the success of anyone, on the contrary, I am happy with the success of the Ukrainians, the Moldovans and everyone, but Georgia deserved more, and if anyone deserved in these three countries, it was us. It is clear, friends, we all understand that today there is a different conjuncture in the world, other, very difficult processes are going on, all over the world, we must meet this calmly and continue to move forward, strengthen our country, strengthen our army, protect our country, protect our people and our main dream - that we all meet one day as soon as possible in a united, strong Georgia, this should be the main unifying idea of ​​our nation and our people," said the Prime Minister.