26.Sep .2022 15:08

The Editor-In-Chief Of BM.GE Was Not Allowed At The Gov't Meeting Today Either

The Editor-In-Chief Of BM.GE Was Not Allowed At The Gov't Meeting Today Either
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Telara Gelantia, editor-in-chief of BM.GE and BMG TV journalist was not allowed at the government meeting today for the second time.

"I sent my data to the Press Office of the Administration in order to get a pass to attend the government meeting, but they contacted the director of the company and told her that any journalist from BMG, excluding me, could attend the meeting", said Telara Gelantia.

As Tamuna Kemertelidze, director of "Business Media Georgia", explains the official reason for not allowing Telara Gelantia into the administration is the reactions followed to the fact that the editor-in-chief of BM.GE was not allowed into the government administration on September 12.

"We are waiting for an additional explanation from the communication manager of the government administration regarding the mentioned fact; If we do not get an answer from them, BMG will try to clarify the matter through legal means. It should be noted that on September 12, when Telara Gelantia was not allowed at the government administration due to asking many questions, we addressed the government administration with a letter, where we asked for an explanation of the legal ways of not allowing the journalist and the editor-in-chief, but the administration did not accept the letter and returned it to us.

On September 12, the press service of the government administration announced that Telara Gelantia would not be allowed in the administrative building to attend the government meeting," explains Tamuna Kemertelidze.