12.May .2020 18:12

The experience of quarantine spaces is not enough to attract tourists - Andrei Vlasov


Andrei Vlasov, General Manager of Lopota Spa Resort, talks about the opening of tourism in the post-pandemic period, focusing on the safety rules that will be important in the post-pandemic period.

According to him, Lopota Spa Resort was involved in the state program of quarantine spaces and has some experience in terms of security measures, in case of hosting tourists, these norms should be based on completely different requirements, as citizens in quarantine spaces did not leave the rooms, while tourists must have all kind of comfort.

"We have a certain knowledge base after the pandemic, because we participated in the state program of arranging hotels as quarantine spaces, but different security measures are necessary for ordinary guests. People in quarantine spaces didn’t come out of the room and we could easily protect their safety. It was more comfortable for us, but there will be a lot of details to be developed and taken into account when starting a tourist service, these are hygiene norms, less people in the area, different food and services, and so on. And if we can get fewer guests, the operating cost will be much higher than usual, "said Andrei Vlasov.