20.Oct .2020 17:15

The government of Adjara to spend an additional 600,000 GEL on renting COVID hotels


Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara plans to spend additional 664,000 GEL on renting hotels to arrange quarantine zones. 

The Tourism Administration applied to the State Procurement Agency for permission to carry out this procurement. Hotel services will be purchased in a simplified form.

In summer, Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara gained approval on the purchase of quarantine zones worth of 7.8 million. However, the National Tourism Administration received approval on the purchase of an additional 7.9 million early October. The National Tourism Administration purchased quarantine zones of additional GEL 21 million in August.

So far, the National Tourism Administration and Adjara Tourism Department have spent more than 50 million GEL on the services of quarantine hotel.

As of today, mandatory quarantine is reduced to 8 days. According to, 6407 persons are in the quarantine by now.