01.Oct .2020 14:23

The government plans to purchase 313 cars for 25 million GEL

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Three consolidated tenders with a total value of 25.4 million GEL have been announced in the system of the State Procurement Agency. With this amount, the government plans to purchase 313 new cars.

After the purchase, most of the vehicles must be handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the technical parameters, 87 cars should be pickups, 176 - hatchbacks, and 50 - hybrids. According to the documentation, the cars should be 2020 models.

All three consolidated tenders were announced on September 29 and companies can submit proposal until October 4 -5.

The average cost of one car in these tenders is 81 thousand GEL. The most expensive is pickup truck, which cost totals to 91 thousand GEL and the lowest price is 74 thousand GEL, which is envisaged for the purchase of one hybrid car.