14.Feb .2020 18:08

The loan was co-financed for 177 small and family-run hotels


The state has funded loan to 177 small and family-run hotels affected by the June events last year. Mikheil Khidureli, head of Produce in Georgia Agency reports.

He said that about 500,000 GEL was spent on this program.

“Russian flight ban had a very bad impact on their reservations, so we have supported 177 hotels. Now this program is already closed because it was tailored to a temporary and specific challenge, ”Mikheil Khidureli said.

On the question, if the hotels could overcome the problem by themselves, Khidureli responded:

"If the business itself were able to finance it, there would be no need of a program. You know that the minister and various agencies had meetings with these people and it was very painful for them," said Mikhail Khidureli.