19.Nov .2019 15:25

The main plan of the new Business Ombudsman is to solve bureaucratic problems

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"Our goal is to meet every business as rapidly as possible," new business ombudsman Mikheil Daushvili told reporters after meeting with the members of BAG.

“Our goal is to meet every business as quickly as possible. This day should be the beginning of these meetings. The goal is to be introduced with the business problems. Of course, we must understand the content, to find solutions and then to resolve these problems as quickly as possible with the relevant administrative agencies,”Daushvili said.

According to him, the meeting was introductory. There were no discussions linked to the specific problems. However, Mikheil Daushvili said one of his main plans was to solve bureaucratic problems.

"Our plan is that if something goes wrong with any administrative agency, we will accelerate it and help the business to have their business process running smoothly and effectively," he said.

During a meeting with the members of BAG, the business ombudsman said that his mandate was "to raise business problems and undermine bureaucracy."