20.Oct .2020 12:00

The Ministry: Georgia earned more than $ 1 million from apple export


As of October 18, Georgia has exported 2,514 tonnes of apples, which is a 7-time increase compared to the same period of 2019. The Georgian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection announces it.

The Ministry of Agriculture says that the apple harvest will be three times more this year, with 120,000 tonnes of apples expected to be harvested.

According to the ministry, Georgian apples were exported mainly to the traditional markets of Russia and Kazakhstan this year. However, apples were exported to the Republic of Armenia, Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

The apple export by countries is as follows: Russian Federation (2431.8 tons), Republic of Kazakhstan (75. tons), Republic of Armenia (6.5 tons), other countries (0.3 tons).

As for the income from apple exports, the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture reports that the value of exports increased by 370% amounting to 1,098,000 USD.

The ministry said that within the state programme 'Plant the Future' apple gardens were cultivated on 1,128 ha in Georgia and state financing exceeded over 9 million GEL.