23.Oct .2020 17:00

The Number of Minibuses in Tbilisi Will Be Halved

The Number of Minibuses in Tbilisi Will Be Halved
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The number of minibusses in Tbilisi will be halved. As Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze stated today at the presentation of new buses and minibusses, instead of 3 thousand minibusses in the capital, there will be 1200-1500 units.

"There is no need for more," Kaladze said, adding that minibusses would have the function of connecting to other public transport. The route of the new minibusses will be announced today when the City Hall will hold a presentation.

According to the mayor, 200 new minibusses have already been introduced in the capital today. Tbilisi City Hall intends to purchase a total of 300 new units at the first stage.

Kakha Kaladze presented 126 new BMC gas buses together with new minibusses today.

Tbilisi Transport Company has announced the winner of the 30-million tender announced for purchasing 300 new minibusses for the capital, G.T. Motors, which offers Ford Transit minibusses' supply the capital. The tender commission made the decision after the disqualification of Ford's competitor, Hyundai.

According to the G.T. Motors initiative, the said minibusses will have 17 passenger seats. The purchase price of one minibus will be 101,656 GEL. According to the technical parameters, the new minibus' fuel consumption should be within 9 liters per 100 kilometers in the city.

Let us remind you that the City Hall undertook the project of replacing 300 minibusses. According to the municipality, the company "Tbilisi Minibus" does not have the appropriate financial resources.