14.Jun .2021 13:30

The President Plans to Establish a Qvevri Wine Day

The President Plans to Establish a Qvevri Wine Day
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The President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili attended an event organized by the company Askaneli in Monaco to promote Georgian wine. In an interview with The CheckPoints, she spoke about where she sees her role and involvement in supporting Georgian business within the framework of the Georgian Constitution.
"We have seen the Georgian wine industry and, in general, the image of Georgian wine exponentially rising in Europe over the past few years. But now we have to reach the second stage. And one thing is to be known. One thing is to be recognized as being the oldest wine country, 8000 years. That's recognized by everyone, including the French now. So, it's a huge success. But we have to promote the wine itself. Distribution is another challenge. We need more events like this because that's where we get known by the industry, both your competitors and the experts. Any event of this kind is important.
The idea is to have one Qvevri Wine day because that's something really unique to Georgia. Qvevri wine is getting known in Europe. Some call it orange wine; some call it different things. But Qvevri Wine is immensely growing in popularity. This day could also be very attractive for tourism. I think that it's the role of the president to engage in such a type of promotion. I want to award prizes for the best Qvevri Wine of the year and one for the Best Woman winemaker of the year. Many Georgian women are getting into the wine industry. It's very new; it's trendy. And I think that's another attraction for Georgia," - said the president.