12.Nov .2021 16:30

The Prices Are Extremly High - Kovzanadze

The Prices Are Extremly High - Kovzanadze
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“Two our acutest challenges are the pandemic and inflation and the nearest future of our country, society and economy highly depend on the steps we take to address these problems”, - the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Irakli Kovzanadze stated at the sitting of the Committee during the discussion of the revised draft State Budget 2022.

According to him, other than the pandemic, the inflation and increased prices are no less acute for the population.

“I see the grave inflation. Since December, I keep speaking about this threat and the risk of increased prices, giving my forecasts. Today, this forecast has become a reality with the extremely increased prices and the heaviest burden on the population and our economy”, - he stated and called on the respective structures for better coordination.

The monetary authorities need to make rigid and timely decisions to mitigate and suppress inflation, he added.