26.Feb .2020 18:42

"The proportion of Chinese workforce in Georgia is very small, so the work will not be delayed"

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Maia Tskitishvili, the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, says that although Chinese companies operate on six sections of the highway, 80% of the workforce is Georgian.

As Maia Tskitishvili said, the proportion of Chinese forces is very small, therefore, it will not cause problems for the works.

"As for the question of how Coronavirus will affect our infrastructure projects. Although Chinese companies are employed on international highways, most of our work is done by the Georgian population. 80% of the workforce is local. There is a delay linked to their arrival and we asked them to refrain from coming here until we don’t get sure that quarantine terms and safety norms are protected. We also had several delays but the projects are not in danger, "- said Tskitishvili.