23.Oct .2020 16:30

The State Will Allocate 46 Million GEL for the Marketing Support of Georgian Wine – the Minister

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The state will allocate 46 million GEL for the marketing support of Georgian wine in 2021-2024. The Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture Levan Davitashvili stated about it during the presentation of the agricultural program direction of "Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia" in Telavi.

In his speech, the Minister stressed the importance of the wine sector for the Kakheti region.

"The field of winemaking is crucial for Kakheti. The results achieved in the field are vivid. Our task is to maintain the progress made, for which the state allocates significant financial resources. Continuation of large-scale measures is necessary for the marketing support of Georgian wine. The state will spend 46 million GEL for 2021-2024. This resource is targeted purposefully and effectively. As a result, revenues from wine exports will increase by an average of 8% annually "- said Levan Davitashvili.

Within the Georgian Wine Marketing Support Program framework, more than 500 presentations and tastings of Georgian wine will be held in foreign countries in 2021-2024. Also, Georgia will take part in more than 60 exhibitions of wine and spirits in different countries globally, and more than 20 Georgian wine festivals will be held in Georgia.