29.Jul .2022 10:00

The US Provided More Than USD 6 BLN In Aid To Georgia - US Ambassador

The US Provided More Than USD 6 BLN In Aid To Georgia - US Ambassador
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According to US Ambassador Kelly Degnan, the United States of America has provided more than $6 billion in aid to Georgia, including implementing 21 projects worth USD 2,000,000 for the protection of cultural heritage.

As Degnan told Voice of America, the USA is looking forward to continuing bilateral cooperation with Georgia.

According to Voice of America, during the last 21 years, the Embassy of the United States has implemented 21 projects worth 2,000,000 dollars in order to protect the cultural heritage of Georgia. According to their information, through the projects, important Georgian monuments of tangible and intangible cultural heritage were restored and other types of works were carried out, including on Gelati monastery complex, Jvari monastery, frescoes of the white desert and other monuments.

According to Voice of America, the US Ambassador's Foundation for Cultural Heritage Protection (AFCP) has funded 21 cultural heritage protection projects in Georgia with a total cost of almost USD 2,000,000, which includes USD 500,000 allocated in 2020 for the conservation of the Jvari Monastery, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The funded projects include many areas of cultural heritage, such as Georgian folk music, five projects for the Gelati monastery complex, emergency conservation works of the Sioni Cathedral, a project for the digitization of historical manuscripts and documents preserved in the National Manuscript Center of Georgia, and others.