26.Apr .2021 20:30

The value of one dollar exceeded 3.45 GEL

The value of one dollar exceeded 3.45 GEL
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As a result of April 26 trading, the GEL exchange rate depreciated against the US dollar; The change is 0.70 tetri, bringing the official value of the dollar to 3.4534 GEL - this is the maximum value of the dollar for 2021.
According to the NBG, the national currency depreciated by 2.36 tetri against the euro, as a result of which the official value of one euro became 4.1765 GEL.

Today, the lari depreciated by 0.24 tetri against the Turkish lira, resulting in its value becoming 0.4153 lari. The price of British pound sterling increased by 2.11 tetri and amounted to 4.8023 GEL.
The rates obtained as a result of today's trading will take effect from tomorrow, April 27.
During 2021, the NBG conducted a total of 7 currency auctions to reduce the volatility of the GEL exchange rate and sold $ 242.9 million.

The NBG Vice President Papuna Lezhava made a statement regarding the GEL depreciation at the end of last week, saying that one of the leading factors in the current depreciation is the lost revenue from tourism.

"The depreciation of the lari is mainly due to stunted tourism, Georgia lost up to 3 billion in revenue from this sector in 2020 alone. It is noteworthy that Russia will restrict flights in 2019, in addition to currency depreciation and instability in our neighboring and trading partner countries. "- said Lezhava.